Filter questions (which to buy)

I’m a Moog guy. Have 5 Moog synths, each with the SAME 4 pole low pass not to mention an MF-101 env LP pedal.

So I’m after something completely different for my Shruthi.

I’m sold on the Mission due to the multi-mode mixing capabilities but see that there are a number of other filters available ‘also’. So I may pick up an alternate Filter board. Looking for recommendations for a filter board is is furthest from the Moog 4 pole low pass and also different from what I can get out of the Mission. Is the Dual SVF a good 2nd filter board?

If you want to go as far away as you can get a PoliVoks Filter.

Polivoks, Digital filter/FX board will give you more sonic possibilities.

I agree. Polivoks! Comes with gnarly warts for free. It’s about as different as a filter can be from any other filter, Shruthi or not.

  • the PoliVoks can be run on tubes, handetched Transistors and is 100% EMP Proof. And you can scramble up all Resistors without changing its PoliVoksiness™

And you can get a red plexi case for it too :slight_smile:

+1 for Digital Filter! Polivoks is great too.

+1 Polivoks! Add the honeycomb case to your basket and request the “red alert” case in the notes when checking out. Hopefully Olivier still had some in stock.

Sorry, no red cases in stock!

Hm. You then better go for another Filter…

… or have fcd72 make a red one for you.

Yups. But i didn’t want to do such shameless self promotion so i just waited until someone was catched by this nifty trap…


speaking of the polivoks, is there a place in Canada thats a good source of parts for the BOM? Im raring to go on another shruthi and Im deciding between the polivoks or the 4PM while Im awaiting Ambika and Anushri

I’m in Toronto, and order from Mouser. Haven’t found anywhere in Canada that’s a good resource.

otherwise, the lp2+delay is verry gritty and undoubtedly more “usable” than the polivoks filter.

Vote for the Dual SVF here…the sweet 2164 SVF sound is very different from the slightly distorted old-skool™ Moog sound, and unless one of your Moogs is a modular with a 904a+b+c then its flexibility of two filters routable in parallel and serial with adjustable peak separation will be something new for your arsenal…

you’ll end up building all. just decide which you need first!

No, my Moogs are all ‘modern’ being: LIttle Phatty Tribute, Voyager Old School, Taurus III, Minitaur and if you want to call it a Moog, the Opus 3. The Opus 3 is the juiciest (likely because it’s 30 years old and the most discreet), the rest… meh…

I have a MU modular but it’s primarily routing and sequencing unless you count the [again, 4 pole] MOTM 440.

I think you guys helped me alot. I’m going to pickup the Mission and Dual SVF ‘first’ : )

Good choices!

the dual SVF sounds very different to the other boards and from the ones i’ve built so far it’s the one i’ve used the most. it’s the filter to really get crazy with the modulation matrix!