Filter Cutoff stepping behavior (Shruthi Wasp, SMR4 mk2)


I had a simple Shruthi 1 SMR4 until today (OS 0.97), and I have purchased a Shruthi1 SMR4 mk2 Wasp Edition. The OS is 1.02 on this new Shruthi.

I can hear something wrong to my ears: the filter on the wasp edition seem to have a “stepping” action when I turn the cutoff filter quite fast. When I turn it slowly, that’s ok, but when I turn it to fast, it behaves as if the refreshing clock for parameter was to slow. Any idea? Any parameter to tweak? I have adjusted MIDI setting to the most simple settings in order to save processing power.

Another problem: on my first Shruthi, I could select Sequence patterns with S6 button. On this new wasp edition, pushing S6 has no action on sequence and put me back in program mode.

Any idea? Thanks for helping me…

With the wasp edition you mean the frank Daniel’s programmer XT version? The newer firmwares (1.xx) are a bit slower with the old XT version…
And also sequences are locked to the patches in 1.xx … You can change sequences while the sequencer is playing if I remember right

> Any idea? Any parameter to tweak?

That’s a hardware limitation… scanning so many potentiometers with such a tiny processor…

And yes, since v1.00, the sequence and the patch are saved together, so you can’t load a sequence independently of a patch.

Many Thanks shiftr and Pichenettes. I must admit I hoped a different answer, but, in a way, it’s good to hear this is a normal behavior. thanks again for answering.

For the sequence matter, I assume no OS lower than 1.00 would work on this shruthi? I have the Franck Daniel’s programmer XT version loaded at the moment.

Yes… I don’t know exactly from wich firmware the fcd72 programmer is supported but v0.98 is the last most evolved pre v1. Xx firmware that I’m sure does support the fcd72 programmer.

I confirm that v0.98 would also work with Frank’s programmer.

I have 0.97 on mine and it works like a charm. :wink:

By the way, 0.98 works fine with all the features I needed and…no scaling on the filter anymore (??) Thank you, perfect!