Filter Calibration

Did a Shruthi SMR4mkII´s filter calibration procedure as per the instructions, and apparently I did not need to move the trim pot one bit, it sounded calibrated.

What are the odds that a filter is calibrated without the trim pot being touched one bit?

Or I was doing something wrong? (this could be)

And/Or I´m totally deaf? (this could be too!)

check it with a guitar tuner but I have them dead on more than once right out the gate

Mine was on point as well. Small blessings everywhere.

Yeah, that is when the guy at Mouser collecting your parts looks at the order list and thinks: “yeah, another SMR filter board… let’s set the pot right straight away…” :wink:

That´s cool to know, I did check with a tuner, and made sure that the octave difference was there, but it just struck me as something odd.

My Ambika seems on tune, and my Anushri has the autotune thing going, but I have not checked just how tuned it is.

Usually after finishing a build and casing it, and turning it on for the first time, I have a sudden lazyness surge that just leaves tuning out…

Trimmer and resistor values have been selected so that the “correct” point is roughly at the middle. Most manufacturers sell the trimmer set to the middle position.

These are the types of detail and polishing that I applaud MI products for!