Filter Board Primary test fail

I’m assembling the filter board (SRM4 mkII), i’ve arrived to step 5 but, when i test the “green dots” of the given picture (the pins that should be -5V), the multimeter says 0.02V or 0.03V. Any help?

Have you inserted the LT1054 chip?

Maybe you have swapped the 7805 and 7905?

How stupid, I just realized i inserted the TL072CP instead of the LT1054. However, when i test the negative pins, it says -5.06V instead of -5.00V. How do I fix that?

This is not software, and we’re not in the matrix :slight_smile: There is some variance in the parts, you have to live (and design) with that. The 7905s I order for the kits have a 2.5% tolerance, which means that the expected voltage is in the 4.87V - 5.12V range.

So you’re good to go!