Filter board parts ordering

Hi guys. Im really excited for the new filter boards, but am such a noob at electronics (even ordering the parts- every time i have tried to get some components i have been totally overwhelmed, min orders, crazy codes etc)

I wonder if there is a few shruthi users preparing for the digital fx/ SVF boards who i could jump in with on some component orderingz? It would mean a great deal and help some new shruthi tones into the universe :slight_smile:

Please give me a shout!

Peace x

where are you from?

I’ve thought about this before. Not in a “group buy” sort of way but in an “order# share” kind of way. I don’t know if it would be something that would need to be worked out with the different suppliers or if there is already a something set up that would allow for something like this but it would definitely be helpful. One of the troubles is that not all of the parts are available from all suppliers and sometimes it comes down to part preference of the builder.

I sourced all my parts from Digikey last order and I wish I had made two separate orders; one for filters and another for just one digital board. Then I could just submit the digital board order multiple times whenever I needed to. This would also be a good way to know how much money you need to actually stuff the boards. Not sure if the suppliers would add/charge the orders separately or combine them together though.

But I agree, a simple order number that could be shared among builders would be fun and convenient if not to complex and costly.

my 2cents.

rosch: im from the UK.

yeah, an order number would be really usefull! Im wanting to go crazy with the new pcb’s but havent got a clue how much its going to cost to stuff them. *must resist…gear lust… overwhelming.

my wallet is preparing to hate you Olivier! :smiley:

Hi guys.

The only problem with an order form is that some of the parts have minimum order quantities (as you noticed, domu), so it doesn’t always make sense to resubmit the same order multiple times, for multiple digital boards, for example. You’d potentially end up with lots more of those minimum order items that you need, since you probably had enough spares from the first order. Having said that, it would be worth making a template order for all parts for a particular board, and then we could simply delete the items we already had. Farnell has an option to save an order offline, and since there are parts listings for Farnell in the BOM for each board, it would be worth putting together a complete Farnell order for all the parts, which could be shared.

I’m in the UK too, incidentally, domu, as are toadstool and Luap.


I’ve filled in a Farnell order, and saved it in .csv format. I’m not sure how useful this will be, though, as I don’t know if it’s possible to load this back in. Having done it, I’m now not sure it’s really going to save anyone any time, to be honest. Also, the SSM2164 quad VCA chips (the most expensive items) are no longer available from Farnell.

The file can be downloaded from here , for what it’s worth…


well thanks for the effort certainly toneburst!
il get busy with the suppliers then :slight_smile:

The minimum order quantities for the resistors are big, you’ll notice. I’ve probably got enough left over from previous orders to not have to buy those this time around. Would be good to find a UK supplier for the SSM chips though.


Regarding the SSM2164 chip, it is now obsolete, you’d rather look for the CoolAudio version (V2164).

About the resistors, there’s one thing I did at a point which made things a lot simpler for me: I just bought 50 of each value in the E12 series and started considering it as a “consumable”, just like solder or adhesive tape that I systematically reorder when I run out of it. Peace of mind and simplicity worth the price.

I know a few filter boards are using values in the E24 series, but I am trying to get rid of them - in particular, I am preparing a redesign of the SMR-4, the goal of which is to cut the number of parts/unique parts while keeping the sound.

Here is a list with all the values used in the current filter boards. Values in bold are outside of the E24 series and are not going to be used in any new product besides the SMR-4:

  • 68 220 470
  • 1k 2k 2.2k 3.3k 3.9k 4.7k 5.6k 6.8k
  • 10k 12k 15k 18k 20k 22k 30k 33k 39k 47k 56 68k
  • 100k 220k 330k

i always keep resistors in stock, buying 100 of each value i need for a project (2.50€ at reichelt 1/2W, 2.14€ at banzaimusic 1/4W). from my experience there are a few values that i probably won’t have to order again in my life, but others eat up very fast, especially if you’re considering to build several projects. such values are 1K, 10K, 100K, 220R, 2K2 and certainly some more. so at least the 100K is a candidate for 1000pcs next time (16€ @ reichelt).
btw these are all 1% metal types, the carbon are cheaper.
other things i “collect” are the most common cap types and values and diodes, as it’s annoying to wait for just one part, because it’s also not worth ordering for just one item… (100N ceramic + film, 1N4148/4004, 2n3904/3906, TL074/72/84/82, optos, shift registers are all certainly bulk types for solderfume afficionados)

but of course, if you’re not planning to do more than one build, it’s way easier to buy a kit if available.

See this thread for a few public Reichelt shopping carts.

@domu: You have to click on “Alles übernehmen”, then the contents of the list will be added to your current shopping cart.

flip, that seems relly usefull, though i couldnt find an english option on the site so i may have to struggle through the error messages with a translator. still takes much legwork out of it though so thanks!

just once more ;), if any european forum buddies are stocking up for SVF or Digital FX boards, and you could find it in your heart to add x2 of each to your cart, il appily pay my way and a little over to cover the inconvience. :slight_smile:

feel free to tell me to go jump!


could you clarify something-

when on reinholdt checkin those part lists youve made, both lists appear to have the same value in the top right for cost. I
s that cost including both lists or something, or do they both just happen to have the same price?

when i checked last time i seemed to have everything in stock for the new boards. that could have changed since i’m constantly taking parts off the drawers, and i’m not really keeping track.
so, now that the boards are released i could as well check again.
it’s no problem to add your list to a reichelt order. so we can part the shipping.

anyway, it’s also no problem to forward an entire order, but there’s almost always some need…
but i recall having read around here that reichelt are said to have reduced their MOQ for orders outside germany from previously 150€ to low level, but i don’t know about that.

if you need to restock and fancy doing that im down. or maybe I misunderstood you?

where are you located, and which of the new boards have you got coming? :smiley:

it’s the new filter boards. i’m in germany.
i haven’t checked yet, but i guess i’ll need a few caps and such stuff anyways.
so i’m not adding up any boms or something for myself, just filling up parts i’m short of (with regard to the filters of course).

but you can just follow Olivier’s bom(s)

that’s no problem generally, but what i wanted to say is, if they have the same MOQ for foreign countries as they have for germany, you might have it cheaper if you order directly, as if you have it sent to me and then forwarded to your place. i guess it also depends on how much they charge for shipping, as they’re unlikely to send things unregistered.

i’ll order with reichelt probably tomorrow. so if anyone like to add sth, let me know!