Filter board assembly issue?

Checking in on my build so far … I have installed caps, power boards, tl1054 and power insert, I’ve temporarily jumpered the power switch and I’m going thru the test points. I’m using a 9v center neg. power adapter. The good news is all the points light up on my meter, the bad news is that they are all showing +4/-4 ish, not the +5/-5 that was indicated. I’ve checked polarity of all the caps and the power dist. and diode, everything is properly oriented, polarity is fine. I’m going to hold off on doing any more soldering on the filter board until I hear from the discussion board as to whether I should continue or stop and just move onto the controller board for now.

Help please

Shruti needs a center positive power supply. If you have plugs you can solder an adapter cable.

Almost all synths and modules use centre positive. Guitar pedals seem to be centre negative, so don’t use a guitar fx PSU.

Sorry, meant to say I used a center positive. It’s one of those one spot 9v connectors with 5-6 9v power plugs that can be positive or negative by exchanging tips. I’m using a center positive adapter, misspoke earlier.

Perhaps these pics will help, 1st is top down of the board - note I clipped the short I had going across the power switch circuit (MS). 2nd is side on showing the elevation of the caps - wondered if perhaps they are too high?

What is really weird is that I consistently get the readings at 3.83v and -3.54v on all the points in the test diagram. They should be +5v/-5v across the board though. Could this be the PSU I’m using? I haven’t had any problems with this PSU when used with my guitar pedals or other synths that use it (Moog Minitaur).

Is your meter set to AC or DC mode? Are the batteries of your meter low?

I found what it was, looks like I had a trace connected where it should not have been, onward with the build.