Film vs. Ceramic

Not sure how I did this one but I ordered film caps instead of ceramic for the 1n cap on the dsp board. Aside from leg spacing will they still work alright? I can bend legs to get fit.

Part I ordered from DigiKey: BC1659-ND
Part in BOM: BC1072CT-ND


Should be fine.

Actually I’m wrong, I insist on your using these caps

Nice. Thanks.

and that’s the bargain basement price, I’ll take a dozen of thos 200vdc caps please, no wait I forgot my wallet in my hovercraft.

Meh, without the aged balsa wood housing to absorb the micro vibrations caused by tectonic misalignment in your work space, those arn’t much good.

Don’t forget to sample it at supersonic frequencies and run that all that jazz through a low-jitter clock DAC in order to make it sound better than directly at the source…

No Tubes?

all photon blasters have tubes, jeeez, don’t get crazy! how else can you shape the plasma donut on its way out.