Film Capacitors SMR-4MKII

If I want to put there something a little fancier (polystyrene) for film caps. Do you have some suggestions?

the only suggestion would be to choose some of low voltage range. 400V are quite large, but that’s the only thing to observe.

Look for low tolerances.

I hace some of these left…

The red Wima ones that come with the kit are very good. You could do as I have done and put some sockets in then you can experiment at will.
I would ask fcd72 for some of the caps he has got, or you can get them on ebay if you are in the uk. CPC also do some polystyrene 1% caps for about 70p each I think.

I’m planning on testing a few caps and doing some recordings, it might be a few days before I post anything though.