Filling in etched plexiglass panels

Can anyone recommend a good medium and method for filling in the etched elements of these plexiglass enclosures? I’d like to go with white for increased visibility. What works and what should I avoid?

i’m using enamel paint, works good. i think others use also acrylic, and even wax crayons :wink:

I just did a bunch testing with acrylics and they are no good IMHO for the textured plexi (the only REAL solution IMHO), they shrink too much and leave a cracked, uneven fill. Enamels left for a day followed up by acetone for clean up (which has a steep learning curve to get right) followed by this leaves a perfect result. Going by my nose, it’s an alcohol/detergent hybrid which “rubs out” quick but leaves a VERY uniform finish. I use low/no lint kimwipes for this which are LOW absorbency wipes , something like a paper towel (HIGH absorbency) really doesn’t work

I used a white enamel fine-tip marker pen. Problem is that you have to be careful so that you don’t let the paint overflow. Cleanup can be messy, but it came out looking real nice.

I am using white enamel paint and wipe off excess color with a dishcloth immediately - obviously, that leaves some marks on the panel itself. Once the paint has dried I use acetone to get rid of the leftovers on the panel, and isopropyl alcohol to remove the white fog that usually remains. This way I ruin about three dishcloths per box as I carefully avoid mixing them up. I guess the alcohol does the same thing as altitude’s magic potion :-).

i fill them with a big blob of enamel paint. then immediately wipe with a dry cloth. after a few minutes i carefully wipe around the fillings with alcohol. if i remove too much color accidentally i add again and repeat if necessary. after drying if there’s anything thin i just go over those places again. i actually don’t use any acetone anymore, except for cleaning the brushes afterwards, ugly enough
(i haven’t done textured panels yet, just shiny)

Im using 2 Ply Acryl :slight_smile:
Otherwise im only infilling Textured Plexi with the Protective Foil still on. Engraving on Clear Plexi doesnt work out well, you mold the Protection into the Clear Plexi which really looks shitty…

i know. i was nagging you about that in the past :slight_smile:
but the clean then dry method works really good for me. better results than those that i had from stuff still covered with nylon.