Fil setting for CEM board

Please, can someone tell me, which „fil setting“ must be set for CEM filterboard - is it the SSM option?

Greetings, rio



Hi, if I want use a CEM board within last firmware, do I have to pay attention to something? Because I read on archived pages of the CEM board following info:

Trimmers have been added to tune the frequency scale of the filter, so that you can “tune” the sine wave produced when the filter self-oscillates. On the Shruti-1, cutoff tracking was implemented in software with a x0.9 correction – which wouldn’t apply to other filter boards if done similarly on the Shruthi.

So my question: Does the x0.9 cutoff tracking correction for CEM still exists in the last Shruthi firmware? And do I have to activate/configure it somewhere for that?

Greetings, rio

The Shruthi doesn’t need any firmware correction because there is a trimmer on the board.


ok thanks. Is the 20k trimmer for the adjustment of the octave range and the 5k trimmer for octave tuning?


Yes, 5k is for octave tuning, and 20k is for adjusting the filter range.

Wow - awesome support for a deprecated device.

Besides, (because you are the founder) - I wanted to say thank you for the great shruthi. In my opinion, this is one of the most inspiring projects of recent years. Thank you.