Fil setting for 4pole board missing

Hi, i just finished my second shruthi, this time with 4pole filter board. But I can’t choose the board in the settings! There is no fil setting…? I checked the voltages and they seemed ok.
Any idea what this might be?

So… which settings can you see?

To change the filter board press the fifth button, then press the fourth button to cycle through the midi/system settings. When you get to the filter parameter, set it to 4PM. To save this setting, press the sixth switch and move the encoder to OK then press it.

Now you can get to the second filter page by pressing the filter button a second time.

These settings do exist:

Oct rag prt leg
Tun chn mid spl
Pau sna del spl

@audioharder: yes, I know, but there’s no filter setting!

Strange. The third page should be:
Pau sna fil sta
What version of the firmware are you on?

Did you compile the firmware yourself? If done with the wrong compiler version, it will be too large and that will cause all kinds of weird stuff, like wrong display text, parameters values appearing as “?” And so on…

Where does your chip come from?

I have checked it: Its firmware v0.91, and i havent compiled it by myself. i have purchased a full kit without enclosure and second shruthi parts some years ago at the mutable shop directly. but i had a lot of different shruthis on my desk, maybe i mixed up a chip from another kit. Didn’t knew you can buy it somwhere else?

Well, it’s normal that a firmware version from 2010 doesn’t have any setting for a filter board that has been released in 2012.

Upgrade the firmware first, and you’ll see the new filter board setting.

Ah, firmware 1.02 is the one you want.
I only typed the full instructions as some may think they only have to press the filter button twice to get to that setting.

alright, finally i found my midi interface and uploaded the current 1.02 firmware. there is a filter board setting, but even f i choose the right one, it leads me to another problem: