Figuring out MIDI finally: Arctic ambient style

Some people have said its too quiet, has anyone else had that trouble?

Yep, definetely too quiet…

Seems fine to me… So ehh…

I worked on a remaster hows this Nightworxx ?

with headphones both sound really nice , but with speakers I think this version is louder , it could be soundclouds algorithm however , even though I uploaded them as WAV

Thanks for checking BTW you 2

It’s loud enough to be audible with the Soundcloud plugin now. This wasn’t the case before, i had to go to Soundcloud directly and even then it was really faint. Much better now.

Yea, I have no idea what soundcloud does sometimes . on a side note, hows the track? I was using the ESI 4000 sampler finally

It is dark, spacey and a bit static for my taste. And it sounds like someone excessively used a Lexicon PCM70 ;-

dark and spacey is what I went for! static not so much, i could probably trim off 10 minutes :slight_smile:

Sounds like the background audio to a local guys sci-fi art installation… Was an interesting installation, but not something I’d go to every week if it was still around…

:slight_smile: funnily enough I was reading this before I made it :