Figure From Ground: tactile sound worlds

Here is an experimental quartet I play in with my little Mutable 3U. We have another synthesist playing a Digitakt and Mother 32, as well as some prepared piano, digital piano, found objects/contact mics, guitar and voice. All improv.

(Edited as I could not embed player, linked added.)

Artsy! Nice. I had it in the background when I was working today and it filled my office with pictures. :small_red_triangle::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_red_triangle_down:

Thank you so much for sharing! Yes, three of us are visual artists and we rehearse in the basement of a gallery operated by one member. Won’t speculate on the pictures it filled your office with, but touched that you found some creative pleasure or inspiration!

Apologies for the bump, seemed more appropriate that starting a new thread. Here is a video a collaborator in the group put together:

It’s still artsy, enjoy!