FG445's panel

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Looks great! How did you make the front pannel? What Is the alternate knob? and the cutoff 2?

hey shiftr,

frontpanel was ordered @ formulor.de (the german branch of ponoko).
The “alternate” knob is a momentary push button, alternating between the values of cutoff1/2.
So you can dial in a value with cutoff 2 and by momentary pushing the alternate knob, you can send that value.
I can send/upload the formulor (.eps) file.


Thanks! so it’s connected to the programmer.

@FG445: is this front panel 19" size ?
If yes, i would be greatful if you can send the .eps. Just dropping me a line would be nice.

@ shiftr - yes, connected to the programmer. The wipers of the pots are connected to two of the three pins of the on/on push button. The center pin of the push button is connected to the programmer pin for cutoff. The push-button alternates between the values of the pots.

@ nightworxx - nope no 19" here. To be exact, the 19" size has around 480 mm width whereas the frontplate here has 670 mm width.

Ouch, this is little too big, for my taste. Thx anyway !

nice panel, and nice knobs. they’re my favorites

hey rosch, yeah those knobs are really one of the best.
you can tighten them perfecty to the shafts and they are very sturdy,
plus they feel good, they are small and all that.
and - thank you very much again for your help in the beginning!

Could we have some pictures of inside ?

here you go:

Wow - green n’chunky filter caps!

I must start a collection of front panel shots of synths employing my SDE mods

Also, I may have another SDE feature for you to add shortly that will probably only involve soldering in one extra cable and no extra front panel controls.


>FG455, props on the wiring. That’s some super clean work ya got there. Tip o the hat!

>yewtreemagic…do tell.

@qp: not until I’ve investigated all the options and chosen the best one


hey martin - im excited about any modding news. i have to say, that the sde mods you proposed offer quite some sonic potential. especially for percussive sounds. funny thing is, you take one patch and by switching through the mods you instantly get flavours. great :slight_smile: