Few issues with mod matrix

Hi folks,
Just two little questions about the mod matrix of the Shruthi :

  1. The 12th one doesn’t seems to work for example, if I set an LFO routed on OSC1 pitch, nothing happens (same settings works on the 11 previous one, I tested !)
  2. Velocity modulation behavior is really strange on my Shruthi, for example, I tried to assign the vel parameter on the filter cutoff, my MIDI keyboard has multiple velocity levels, and I have to play very very quiet and just a little more intense to hear something. At a normal playing “strength” the velocity modulation is already to is maximum (maybe I didn’t assembled something correctly ?)
    Thanks !

1. Of course it works, please read what the manual has to say about it.

2. The velocity modulation is added to all other modulations, so you need to lower cutoff if you want to give it some headroom to take effect.

1. Apologies…

for the next time

2. It works like a charm, thanks for the advice.