Feeler: SMR4 mk2 PCB/repair

Hey all,
I have a Shruthi filter board I have built as my first venture into DIY synths, and after extensive troubleshooting I believe I may have damaged my board, or simply don’t have the means to track down my problem any better. So I’m hoping to find out if
a)someone has an extra PCB sitting around I could take off their hands, or
b) someone does cheap repairs and would be willing to take a look!

Thank you! I’m so close to completing this thing I can hardly take it

Where are you located?

Southeastern USA!

You can send it to me to take a looksee if ya want. I’m in the Chicagoland area.

Thanks, qp. I think I have somebody who will repair it. I may however need a new PCB. Do you have any of those in stock?

Sorry, no spares here.

Ok, no worries.