Feedback on Modular Synth Rack

As said in german :“das ist das Alter !” :wink:

Tillykke med fødselsdagen Frank ! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday FCD

Congrats Frank!

Happy Birthday Frank

Rack photo or didn’t happen :slight_smile:

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! & here’s to the Germanizer
x jk

I’m with pichenettes, POIDH! Include today’s paper and a piece of the birthday cake in the picture so that I can gain weight just by looking at the screen…

Yo Happy Bday Frank!

Thanks for clarifying on what a Germanizer is Jojjelito.

Gwaidan the ikea Rast cabinet idea sounds like a good idea for another project I have in mind. 6u sequencer & mods.

Im gonna get those relay racks. I’ll post some pics when they are all done and have a beautiful ruby red Anshuri and Little Dieter sitting at the top to begin the 7 ft rack. Still gonna take time for the packages.

Thanks Guys for all your wishes!

Some observations from ModularWorld™

  • “normal” People don’t understand what its all about. Not a bit. Nothing at all.
  • before i assembled this morning the whole thing i thought “OK, could be fun”. Now its more “How could i ever live without”. Its not anymore Function A->B->C->D its the whole Alphabet to your personal disposal.
  • Oscillators Sound is overrated, you need more Modulations. MORE!
  • You can do a 3 Voice Melody with just one Oscillator, a Filter and a S/H + Noise
  • best of the Magic: no Memory. Once you free your Mind from the old school OSC->Filter->VCA+ ENV+ LFO and TotalRecall Scheme you are able to discover whole new Worlds+ Sound. Wreck the whole Patch if you have the faintest possible feeling of being bored/annoyed and start over again.
  • For the first few days it it may not be musical useful. But you will hear things you never heard before
  • You will need N/2 pachcords at least where N is the total Number of Jacks on your System
  • Anushri is big fun with a Modular
  • You need a Sequencer. Or two.
  • Thanks to Pichenettes for tempting me!

On top of the Monitors a LEGO Hero Factory figure my Son has given to me from his own Pocket Money - he is aged 6.

Congratulations on taking the red pill! Now that you’re unplugged from the matrix you know sonic reality for what it really is. It won’t be long until you’re Programming and Meta-Programming the Electro Organism :smiley:

The blue pill is a VA with lots of super saw…

Happy Birthday Frank!

@fcd72, my congratulations

This makes me so damn eager to get my modular together… Also, your son is a hero! Congratulations :slight_smile:

EDIT: Those rainbow blank panels are beautiful 8)

Hey Frank happy birthday! As usual I read these discussions far too late… and congrats for your monstrously good looking modular setup!