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In my haste to prepare for my Anshuri and Little Dieter build. I purchased a tiptop audio Happy Ending Kit, HEK for short. I didn’t realize at the time the HEK kit only has 84 HP - 4 HP for uzeus power panel. Leaving me 80. So by my guess, this wouldn’t fit the Anshuri 42 HP + 8 Hp expansion and Little Dieter. Also a few more modules.

I know the easiest answer would be to add more z rails but the cost is sort of high, when u look at it. So I will pack up the HEK kit and store it until needed. I will more than likely use the uzeus though with any new rack.

So after reviewing many website stores for 19" rack stands as a replacement. I found the cost too high $50-80 for 8-16u rack stands, plus they sit too low or have to be on top of a table. Cheap plywood cabinets for 8-16u run $178-278. I don’t want travel racks because I have a ton of those.

After seeing the cabinets I remember a electronics surplus store I frequent sales used 5-9 feet tall 19" 2 post and 4 post server racks. A 7 foot rack has 45u of space. Forget cheap plywood when metal is just funner to look at. :smiley: Ranging $75-199. Will the holes fit like a normal 19" rack?

If so, can I buy rails to go across the 19" rack? If so where? I mean to use rails to change the amount of space needed between sets? Exp. 3u, 5u, 6u spaces…meaning change the space to my hearts content?

Thanks for any input you can provide. I already out grew my first eurorack without ever touching it. LoL

check this one

Yo dkMode, common phenomenon that one single Subrack is not enough. I started with 9HE and its not enough to put in everything…

Loderbast is right, but don’t forget to bus the" Strips with the Threads":;ACTION=3;LA=2;ARTICLE=50392;GROUPID=3363;artnr=BGT+384-2 and some matching M2,5 Screws.

Show us your Setup at ModularGrid

Mine is here

Close, subracks are a great suggestion but I was looking for rails (cheaper) that go completely across a 19" rack. The subrack also won’t fit well in a 2 post server rack. Will in a 4 pole. So that I can customize the rack unit height space. I did bookmark the page so I can convert some travel cases.

I was planning a “future” rack to exist with row’s for 3u and 5u modules on a 7-9 foot tall server rack.

I have no modulars at the moment, other than the ones being sent to me. I planned on getting 2 x 7 foot server racks. I can fill one almost completely with the rack synths, effects, other pro audio racks I’ve collected through the years.

The other rack I wanted to start as a modular synth rack. I don’t have any other modulars than the ones listed above…yet. I have other kits to build and a trip to Frankfurt before I take a swim in that pool.

Say I wanted to get rails to fit across a rack like this.

Germanizer? Nice. Got any more info? I just sub racked little dieter this morning. Got a used 21HU rack locally for 1 euro. Which will do till I build my own…

I’m confused. Are you asking me for a rack or have one for sell? Im happy you to racked your Little Dieter. I cant wait to get & finish mine. Sorry I’m not local to the euro zone.

Neither, I’m just mentioning that you can get racks quite cheaply…

The Germanizer is a distortion effect my friend Fredrik designed. It’s part of my big-ass modular and has the usual diode clipping action using either Germanium diodes or regular silicon ones. We thought about Gabber (ok, Dutch) and some German-style (Cologne) techno, that and the Germanium diodes gave us the name :smiley:

Herr Frank now makes it a Eurocrack unit! Availability and pricing and such is TBA.

Herr Frank just takes his new Modular (Birthday Gift to himself) for a ride. I already can make Bleeps, Blops, Helicopter, Traktor and Machine Gun sounds. Drips are a bit harder but im at it. So i guess i pretty much maxed our the possibilites of modular synthesis, havent i?

happy birthday der frank!

thanks der rosch!

currently: odd polyrhytmic shiftings with modular/anushri/exfilinator. I never thought i could have so much Fun with just 2,5 Oscillators. Polyphony is vastly overrated.

Happy Birthday Frank!

happy birthday.

polyrhythm is great indeed.

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday herr Frank! Not to knock on Shruthis, Anushris and Ambikas, but modular synths are also way fun. Did you get your Germanizer going? Connect it between VCO and VCF or between VCF and VCA for some really harsh sounds.

Alles Gute! :slight_smile:

For a cheap 6U rack see the IKEA RAST Put generic rack rails in the sides and it is a perfect fit for 6U…lots of Euro people use them.

Thanks for the Ikea idea. I am definitely interested in the Little Dieter. I have been looking at modular for a while now.

gwaidan or anyone else, do you have a recommendation for cheap rack rails in the US that would work for a Eurorack system?

Happy brithday frank!

Thanks guys - have a beer on me!

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