Feature for Marbles - Manual change of loop starting point

I have a suggestion for Marbles:
I really like the module and mainly use it for pitch generation. When i see an interesting melody occur i lock it at 12 o’clock and then often play with the length knob. But sometimes i really like the melody between bar 5 and 8 but always have to listen to 1-4 to get there again. It would be great if there is a feature that you can change the cue point of the locked loop so it starts at 5.

My suggestion how to implement it would be something like this:
Press the [O] button in the bar you want to but then hold it for atleast a second or two (even if that means that the module is already playing the next bar.). Now the led next to the O button is blinking signaling that you selected your future first bar. ( when you selected bar 5. bar 1-4 are the new 13-16. so the loop is just rotating)
after that you can dial the length-pot to the position where the new loop should end. and then press the [O] button again.
While the led is blinking Marbles doenst stop working and the old loop is playing in the background. the new loop begins as soon as the old one hits the end ( old position of the length pot).
Think of it like when a dj is hitting his loop button on his controller…

Maybe this could be entwined somehow with the new “super lock” feature.
I hope you all could grasp what I try to explain.

I’m not the best coder, i would even try it by myself. So maybe someone could tell me if it is possible with marbles software architecture to achieve this and maybe give a hint in the right direction.

thanks and stay healthy!

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Wouldn’t your approach leave me with a LENGTH knob not always showing what you set? (The P in “RIP Peaks” stands for Pain :slight_smile:)

Another solution could be to hit the upper black buttons, like “hold N and immediately tap E 3x to shift the sequence 3 steps to the left” or vice versa. Or just to hold O and hit N or E to shift?

Y is not gonna like this at all i guess :smiley:

sometimes i think a future version of marbles could feature an expander socket for a module called “interventions” that allows for all that precise control people have been asking for :stuck_out_tongue:
I personally like to relinquish control to this module but one solution could be to get a cv recorder and record the specific sequence part you like.