FCD you should do this!


Damn, you would actually SEE all the dust that would gather in the back… :frowning:

this is eurorack? looks taller to me

Not sure seeing the inside of a modular case is an improvement :stuck_out_tongue:

2 not so nice things about this: Acryl is rather delicate when it comes to high accelerations so it might crack in transit in you car aaaannnnd: i was so lucky to get rid of all the cables, now a transparent Case?? :wink:

Otherwise I will organize a Group Order for a double 3HE (this means 6HE) Baugruppenträger, custom made with Back, Top and Bottom Panel - so its a closed Case - anodized in black

Stay tuned for this in 1Q2k13 - if the world keeps on turning after 21st of December

Sounds cool, I knew I shouldnt try to out think the plexi-meister!

First, i have to do this:

P (rogrammer?)CB art!

Octopot v0.2 ?

The current Revision of the Octopot runs on a 40X2… and has some slight problems with simultaneously writing I2C EEProms and performing MIDI thru with acceptable Latency - acceptable means as fast as physically possible, less than 1ms. I have a Cirklon, don’t argue about Timing with me.

Found these in my cellar
Modular cases from Yorkshire - Because it’s a bit of an animal ™