Favorite effects for Shuruthi

I just won a few auctions on ebay for effect pedals and I was curios what everyone likes to use with the Shruthi. I went Boss re-20 space echo and zvex lo fi. What are your favs?

Lexicon MX-300 - obviously im more into HiFi :wink:

strymon timeline

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Korg DL8000r

Ah I have been wanting a Timeline…

So far: EHX Memory Toy analog delay, Line6 DL4 (mostly just for looping), Lex MX-200

I really like reverb and delay with most everything.

Dedalo La Maquina del Tiempo double delay

Boss DM-300 delay is pretty fun, and learning about Quadraverb+ lately.
Zvex LoFi Junky coming soon…

The timefactor is really nice too… you can also use it as a midi controller :smiley:

EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress! The name kinda settles it, the sound is pure bliss. Then comes the Small Stone, Rat, plus gear I could borrow: Mutron Biphase, Lexicon MX 300 and the Eventide H3000. The Ursa Major and Bricasti also sound nice, but I can’t even borrow those :frowning:

Line6 M13, lots of emulations in one box, but also some stompboxes Bigmuff, Bass Bigmuff, Boss RE-20…

Also thinking of a good reverb and delay an a mixer with fx sends…

@elhambre same here. Mixer is gonna change my life.

Honestly guys - how can you live without a Mixer ?? Even a tiny weeny one?

the right question is: how can you live without a GOOD Mixer ????

mine is the classic small Behringer mixer just used to plug some gear not as a “studio tool”, but going computerless let me play more in a “live” way and use it more like a mixer. Damn, I want a good mixer!

My MBP is my mixer.

I have mostly cheap padals, but I have a Visual Sound H2O that I have been liking lately. It is delay and chorus in one. I run it into my Behringer mixer. I have been thinking about trying the Korg MS2000 as an effects processor…might be fun. I also have this massive Crate modelling amp with a lot of effects. I remember not liking it, but maybe I should give it another shot.

I have some fx which have multiple inputs…and use MOTU ultralite for recording, but I agree it is not the best solution. I am putting together a live rig with a mixer and all the stuff I use regularly and that will also help for recording so I won’t have the excuse of having to hook everything up to get an idea down.

This guy loves effects

Well chilled that - thanks for the link


Fanboy alert!: Moogerfooger 104-M Delay.

Latest addition is the E-H Deluxe Bass Big Muff. Extra crunchy. It has a “crossover” (LP & HP filter) which can lend to some interesting harmonics. I had a setting dialed in that sounded like amp feedback. Very cool. Highly recommended!

Mine are: Eventide Time Factor, Lexicon LXP-1 and sometimes I like to pass bass sounds through the BOSS Bass Chorus, though I must say that it’s a bit weird how it handles stereo, so I always end up using it in mono mode.