Farnell Trade Counter Experience

Outstanding customer service , helpful and knowledgable , we even got to playing with a programmable big trak that they assumed I knew how to use due to age.
I walked away with a free RC car as well as I spent over 50 GBP
Highly recommended , they said phone or email any order/BOM next time in advance.

really! a free RC car?

I think a voltage-controlled OTA-C car would have been much better.

apologies for the clutter

I forgot to mention you also can pick up the Farnell/element14 catalogue, just shy of A4 sze, about 3 inches deep, comes shrink wrapped in its own individual branded printed recyclable cardboard tray (wtf?). Essential bedtime reading.

Hi all

Well, farnell.ch since 3-4 weeks, are giving a realy bad service… No answers, no delivery. I had to ask and reask to reveive my orders… Ugly thing… Reichelt.de is awesome! Fastest shipping into switzerland… Dunno why farnell is so bad…


+1 for Reichelt

i have no problem with Farnell in holland… alway next day delivery for free…