Farnell is a pain in the ass.. (But otherwise quite ok)

Cheers, mate!
Sorry to be last-minute…


Alx, not all those flat top LED’s are in stock. But it doesn’t look like they will take too long. Plus im not sure everything I ordered is quite in stock either! So I don’t mind ordering them anyway.
This part however: 1103850 Narrow DIL 28-way socket 1 X
Has a minimum order quantity of 5… Do you want 5?

Cool, thanks Luap.
Re. the DIL socket, don’t worry about that one, actually. Maplin actually do them, and there’s one down the road from where I live, so I’ll just get one from there.



Order sent! I’ll let you chaps know when stuff starts turning up :slight_smile:

Thanks, Luap.


great! thanks!

You are welcome :slight_smile: I’ve not totalled it up for us all yet. I’ll do that later. There is no hurry :slight_smile:
Total for all of it though was £250! (€300’ish?) And i’ve still got a bunch of parts to get from other places yet…

Im attempting to build 3 Shruthi’s at the same time. I figured it was more cost effective and less hassle to make more at the same time. Particularly if I were to sell 1 or 2 as complete units. When they are done i’ll have 5 Shruthi’s! Including 3 with the Roland filters… I won’t need all those.

btw, did I read something in another thread about a forgotten eeprom order? If that was 512k ones for Shruthi’s, I did order 2 or 3 spares…

Re. the EEPROMs; year, that was me. Bernd asked me to add some to the Digi-Key bulk order, and I forgot :frowning:
I’d definitely agree that if you’re definitely going to build multiple Shruthis, you’re best off bulk-buying all the components at once. I’ve not been doing that, and it’s costing me a fortune in postage…

I’m going to need to do another order for the SVF, too, when the PCB for that appears.