Farnell is a pain in the ass.. (But otherwise quite ok)

Ok, so I understand that selling someone 1 resistor is not worth their while, so things like that tend to be supplied in multiples. Like 10, and thats fine. But 50?? Ugh. So those i’ll have to get elsewhere. No big deal I guess, resistors are not exactly hard to come by.

Capacitors… For some reason, most of those I can buy singularly at Farnell. However, theres never any euro stock, so they have to come from Farnells US distributor (In fact a lot of common parts have to come from the US). Of which there is a £16 surcharge. Grrrhrrmmph! So I might as well order the lot from Mouser or Digikey instead!? But I figured for convenience i’d just pay up the surcharge anyway, and I plod on with my order.

Except im half way through the BOM’s for the digi board and the IR3109 board, and suddenly my Farnell order has erased itself and I have to start again.

Im somewhat annoyed…
(hence the venting here, as it makes me feel marginally less sore about it!)

Why dont you try Reichelt? The have pretty much everything but the Switches/Knobs…

Maybe i’ll give them a go :slight_smile: But I have so many accounts with so many parts suppliers now, i figured one of the existing ones would be fine…

Hmm, looks like theres quite a few parts Reichelt don’t have? Encoders (which are already awkward to source) Neutrik audio sockets. Plus those knobs etc…

Typical. IR3109 is supposedly impossible to find. But now I got 3 of those! It’s the bread & butter stuff that is doing my head in now…

I know what you mean…Can I add some knobs to your order, if you’re going ahead with it, and haven’t already sent it off?


orderd today 50 knobs from farnell also some noline knobs and some green & blue one!
I could share some then :slight_smile:

Alx:Sure! I’ll probably go ahead with the order anyway, this week (I take it their is no immediate hurry!?)
In fact, im considering doubling, or tripling the entire order anyway, particularly for the digi board. It will save time and money on future builds.

While I have this on my mind… All these cap’s that Farnell say only exist in the US… Is that because they are a certain tolerance? Are there substitutes I could order from there instead? Unfortunately caps are components that confuse the hell out of me, due to all the different types, and im concerned i’ll order unsuitable ones in error.

Btw, Olivier, if you are reading. Farnell part number for cap (From the IR3109 BOM): 1413785 doesn’t exist?

The moste parts i order from reichelt! only knobs (farnell)! and switches, caps from digikey

Ok I fixed the BOM. The caps sold at Farnell have nothing special - you can get the Reichelt part instead. Farnell doesn’t stock much caps in Europe, it’s lame. However, I work with larger orders/quantities than yours, the people at Farnell France are really pro and friendly, they deliver (and do exchanges when they screw things) in 24hrs or less, they give discounts, so it sorts of compensate for the US caps weirdness.

Mouser is fine too, I’ll try to give Mouser BOMs in the future - instead of Digikey.

Cheers Luap, I will mail you a list of the knobs I’m after. I’m not in a massive hurry.

Incidentally, it might be worth saving your basket in CSV format, just in case you lose it again, for some reason.


Farnell? good and bad i’d say. i’ve been lucky with some parts, had to pay additional 20€ for others. the local electronics wholesaler who did the orders for me is a real jerk, too.

i’d be interested in adding a few bits too, if you don’t mind the action?
like eg the wtpa sram, and rail to rail opamps… not much aqctually.

btw if you consider ordering from Reichelt in the future, i read somewhere around here that they have reduced their minimum order quantity for european countries. it had been 150€ previously.
the cap confusion is part of the reason why i ain’t getting to an end with the x0xb0x, because i’d like to have the right quality and the correct pin spacing… but i must admit i’ve been too lazy to check all those parts… but i guess i won’t have to import those guys from over there.

Ok… Here is my current plan. I’ll likely order on friday from Farnell, including caps. I figure if I end up going to multiple suppliers, it will cost me £16 or more anyway due to extra shipping charges etc.
If any of you Euro fella’s want me to get bits for you, tell me (with part numbers) by friday and i’ll stick them on the order.
Is that cool?

And cheers for the CSV advice Alx. Saved!

I think i’ll still need to find dc sockets, encoders and button caps though…

yeah that IS cool!

Talking of DC sockets, I forgot to order one of those when I did the IR3109 board. I ended up reclaiming one from an old set of computers speakers I’d picked up when they were being thrown out at work. I had to file down the pins, though, as they were initially too big to go through the holes in the PCB. Works fine now!


Friday is nearly upon us!

alx, I put 10 DC sockets on the Farnell order. These will need their legs filing some too I believe. I also put spacers on there, along with all the required screws, nuts and washers etc. Should be enough for at least 12 Shruthi builds, I think! Incidentally, they are “M3”

And if anyone has some encoders and button caps going spare… Please let me know! I think thats all I need now. And yes, I feel stoopid for not getting in on the recent group buy… Doh…

thanks for the reminder!
here we go:
1761035 (quantity: 2) (=CY7C1049 SRAM)
1684862 (quantity: 4) (=TLV2472)
385219 (quantity: 10) (=4046PLL)

it’s (still) really not that much, i’m sure i’d find more, someday :slight_smile:

Luap, have you ordered yet? I have a couple of last-minute items to add, but have to go to work now, so can’t find them until I get there (30 minutes or so).


If it’s not too late…

PCB-mount USB type B socket

Red flat-top 3mm LED

Green flat-top 3mm LED

Yellow flat-top 3mm LED

Orange flat-top 3mm LED

White 3mm LED
2x (just to test)

SIL Header

Narrow DIL 28-way socket

If this is too much, don’t worry, I’ll make my own order.


ok, in case it wasn’t too late by now, i edited my previous post and added the PLL’s!

Nope, not ordered yet. I’ll get those bits added today. Order should go this evening :slight_smile: