Farnell group order for Shruthi-1 tactile switches (EU/Germany)

fcd72 is willing to do a group order for the e-switch tact switches from the digital BOM:
Farnell Nbr: 1633010 (pic is link to the german Farnell site)

the more we take the cheaper they are.

the idea is to get a bunch of these switches as they’re very useful for many projects!
they’re also the same as in the x0xb0x and i don’t know in which other projects they’re used.
at least i need a lot.

i’ll collect interest (post here) and ask for confirmation and details in the end, then Frank will do the order.
You’re in? special wishes?
deadline? i’d suggest a few weeks, i don’t know. if there’s no interest at all it could happen very soon :smiley:

here’s the link to the NEUTRIK 1/4" (6.3mm) jack:


They are 50% cheaper on Mouser. 612-TL1100. This is where I get those for the kits.

I’m currently working on a revised Programmer PCB, so rosch is so kind to organize this one here…

Oh, and wee need the appropriate Knobs/Buttons…

i’ll update the first post with the details. we can add the buttons and also the 1/4" print audio jacks too (thanks, Olivier)

i couldn’t find the pushbutton caps at Farnell, maybe anyone more lucky than me?

No they don’t have them. I get them at Digikey or FutureElectronics.

I’d be interested in some more of the button caps. I need a set for the digital board I’m collecting components for at the moment.


ok i found the black switch caps at Future Electronics. they are currently listed as "in transit"
i believe this should be the item, according to digi-key datasheet EG1081-ND =


the item I need is available though:
that’s the round version of the same cap, the digi-key nbr EG1091-ND =


however, i don’t believe that i could order from there, as i have no business :-[

I’ve ordered from Digikey as a private individual. Postage was pretty expensive though, I seem to remember.



I have those round ones and they are WAY to short to use.

For those of you who have played around with other project (x0xb0x, MB, Sammich…), isn’t there a more standard switch/cap part?

are they too short to use in the Shruthi? the thing is i need them for other (eg midibox) projects and like to install the switches on perfboard, so i could adjust the height to my needs, on switch-only boards. the reason why i need the round ones is simply so i can drill the holes myself without need of cnc or crappy sawing.
so, if you don’t need them i’d be happy to buy them from you!

as far as i have seen this switch is used in many projects, albeit with different cap sizes. but i’d be happy for any hint in that direction.

there are also multimec switches that can be ordered from pharmacy conrad, but they’re ridiculously expensive. i might consider using them for a small control surface, but when it comes to 50 switches or more i’d rather try to find something else.

@ rosch

Not even close, they barely clear the base of the pots. They are literally almost half as tall as the ones in the kit and will not clear the front panel


The x0x and midibox kits use the same thing, the “Switch Caps for PVA Series” http://dkc3.digikey.com/PDF/US2011/P2299.pdf

They fit really well (tight) and are the same height as yours. I like the ones you picked since they are not as wide but the fit could be better onto the tact. I have pretty much now standardized on PVA ones since with a 2m-2.5mm thick panel and a 7/16" (11mm) standoff they stick out just the right height and leave give plenty of room for clearance of pot housings, encoders, etc as well as an LCD mounted to the front panel like in the shruthi and the forthcoming beat707 drum seq

@ altitude
yup then they should be about the same height as the C&K caps i bought last year, that were just as you describe these ones.
so i couldn’t use them in the Shruti and went for arcade buttons.

but on a board that carries nothing but those tactile switches the height doesn’t matter at all.
the ones i have are red (unfortunately, they were the only color farnell carried) but today aren’t available there anymore (unfortunately).

i like these switches, they really have a good feel. so unless there are some really good alternatives i’ll stick to them, no matter how hard to get those caps might be.

Will go for this part on my next projects then :slight_smile: This requires the switches to be spaced more than on the current Shruthi, but I don’t have any constraint on board layout since I now have a pro version of Eagle.

hi rosch,

is it possible to join the groub buy?
I’d like to have 20 pcs of the original switches (farnell 1633010).
I’m in Germany too.


hi shrutinizer,
our need just got covered by toneburst’s efforts.

you can get the switches easily from www.x0xsh0p.de in sets of 23, but their caps seem to have a difference (see the discussion above)

hi rosch,

thanks for the hint. I found it.

Is this order still going ahead? I need to get some coloured knobs, and there’s a £20 minimum order at farnell UK.


so why didn’t you just add them when you ordered with digikey?
maybe you could still add them, in case they haven’t shipped yet?