Farnell Germany for private customers

If anyone is wondering, it’s not possible to buy stuff from Farnell Germany (http://de.farnell.com) as a private person. I tried and was referred to a reseller https://hbe-shop.de which resides in berlin. Ordered my parts on monday, got them tuesday. Shipping and handling was 5,65 euro, could pay via paypal.

Farnell is working to getting rid of small customers.
They changed price policy and if you are non. VAT you can’t buy from EU stock.

hbe-shop.de is excellent - I used them a few times, and they are prepared to fix things if you make a mistake in your order (if it has not been shipped yet, of course).

adrian: hence hbe-shop, they have everything farnell has, prices are the same as far as i can tell.

Yep, HBE Shop is the way to go.
But beware - you’ll have the same issue regarding buying from Digikey, but the shop for enduser sales of their stuff is obscenely expensive…