Farewell Monotribe

Signs that the Korg Monotribe has been discontinued include de-listing of the product at Musician’s Friend and this notice from BridgeSet Sound.

To be replaced by the Volca/Litte Bits master hub that does nothing but play Sandstorm by Darude on a loop until the batteries run on.

It’s gonna be a big seller.


It is a cool synth. I should use it more. Here is a tribute:


Man, I would totally buy a master hub that only plays Sandstorm… Does it come with drugs, or do I have to extract them from my eurocrack stuff? And does it have to be crack? Can’t it be LSD, LSA or a mushroom analog?

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Best fun:size ever!

I would say “you’ll be sorely missed” but I already own one and I’m selfish.

Hmm… I’ve struggled with this. I actually bought one for about $120, but took it back because I realized that for not much more than I would spend on mods, I could just build an Anushri. I have yet to plunk out the dough for the Anushri, and the Monotribe is still available at that price. What’s the verdict? Worth it to have both?

They definitely sound different. The Anushri drums are way more flexible. A better EG on the Anushri for sure. The Monotribe clicks get old. I bought my tribe right before I was into diy. I did add midi. The Anushri blows it away really, but I still like the tribe.

my monotribe is on ebay … I’m buildung an ambika and own 2 shruthis … no need for the monotribe anymore

I have both Monotribe and Anushri.

I like both.

The Monotribe can be played by itself a bit easier. The Anushri can be played better than the Monotribe if you hook it up to a keyboard, and has way more powerful synthesis options.

The Monotribe can be powered off batteries, while the Anushri could but not out of the (kit) box.

The Monotribe has a speaker (whatever that is worth to you).

Anushri has Midi DIN out of the (kit) box.

But, I think that with the Monotrons below, and the Volcas + MS-20 Mini on top, the poor Monotribe had a bit of an existential crisis.

I wonder if this is clearing the way for a Monotribe II ?

i’ve owned and loved two monotribes with midi and sepouts. They were the core to each of my tracks. Thought i’d keep them for life. Then i’ve let one go, then the other.

Now i bought an anushri because from the videos it reminded me that monotribe sound. I think that was a nice exchange for lots of reasons. The sound is as nice as the monotribe one if not better. At first sight the filter seems not as beautiful, but on some settings it is as singing as the MS-10. Anushri has native midi / CV / sepouts + the matrix to play with other gear. The drums are fantastic and the generative drums is an incredible concept. There’s plenty of controls on everything. There’s not the envelope clicks of the monotribe which did not irritate me much, but i admit they got in the way sometimes. And most of all, the PCB will last ages, when there has been demonstrated that the chinese Korg PCBs suffered from strange corrosion because of can’t remember what.
Then you got a 101 sequencer, what more would you want…