Fantastic synths

My Roland SH101 and my Shruthi-1

LOVE my SH-101 too! (first analog synth I bought!).

Yes, lets do some Gearporn!

I’d like to show you my first Analog Synth but i traded my AlphoJuno1 for the MKS-50…

101 was the first analogue i bought too, had to sell it when skint. :frowning:

did i hear “gearporn”?

got a 101 and 727 sitting under the desk too :slight_smile:
love the 101 sound, but an SH09 sounds so much more dirty!

Wow… I am clearly way behind with my synth collection…

I don’t have a photo of my stuff but there’s not much of it anyway. A Shruti-1, a Shruthi-1, a SammichSID, a Korg Kaossilator and a Korg MS2000BR. Thinking of selling the MS2000BR to be honest - it was kinda fun as a “my first synth” a few years back but I’ve been getting a lot more joy out of the DIY gear.

sync24, i love your JX-3P. This is a top off Roland Analog Synth.

phm78, yeah, the jx-3p is lovely!
i used to have a juno 6, but got bored of it…
the jx could do with some work as quite a few keys don’t connect properly,
but it’s my only midi keyboard (something i’d forgotten it had when building my Shruthi…).
with the price of these old machines now, DIY is the only way to go

Hey Sync24…

what was your adress?? :wink:

@fcd72 address?
i’m not giving that out, i’ll get burgled!
but i live on the south east coast of the UK :wink:

South East coast of UK, huh?

yeah, about 65 miles west from:

Shruthi-1 and Roland SH-32

Shruthi-1 and Nord Modular G2

Shruthi-1 and DSI Mopho

Shruthi-1 and DSI Mopho Keyboard

Shruthi-1 and my first DIY Synth : The KB-101

The KB-101 is looking good! i cant find any infos about it on the interwebs. is it 100% your design?

The Sound Engine of KB-101 is a Clavia Micro Modular Board witch my patch design for emulate à SH-101.
The user interface is my design and use a PicBasic PBM-R5 micro controler, 4051 for read a pots and encoder and 2x16 LCD.
The keyboard is the original Roland SH-101 one.
The wood cabinet is my design.

très chic!