Fantasising about quantizing and Rings (now with video)

When I decided to get into eurorack I fantasised about quantizers. The idea that you can use CV signals not “meant” for melody to create melody really spurred me.

The melodic, plucking sound that’s part of the beat was created by mixing two function generators and putting the resulting signal through a quantizer before it went on to Rings. All the melodies are combinations of a sequenced line and a random CV.

Do tell me what you think! Praise or criticism, equally appreciated. :poop: :heart_eyes_cat:

I really do like the warmth of the second part. That flute/organ sound is beautiful. Don’t know if i like that hectic hihat there or (that often and that loud). On the one hand i really like the arrangement of the second part, how it evolves, how more and more gets added, on the other hand to me the drums might be dispensable at all. Or drop out earlier. Like at 2:00 they start to fade out slooowly and make me depart into that airy field.

In general i do not get along with that flat snare sound. Especially in the first part to me Rings is way too powerful compared to the snare. Hey SD, don’t be shy. Or be very shy :v: :wink:

I like the repetitive pattern in the first part and also the second melody you later added.
And of course the crazy stuff in between and the two full breaks. :dragon:

In terms of frequencies to me the bass line in the first part and the kick drum together wouldn’t work for me. As soon as the bassline starts it kills all the super heavy doom of the kick at leaves me in a pile of mud.
I’d prefer a more saw like bass that’s pushing me more tangible and leave the lower room to that heavy subbass that BD has. In the second part this works better.

Thank you Nino for that scrupulous review. I appreciate the effort very much! I also agree with you on most of your remarks.

I got a comment elsewhere that the drum track is too dry. I think that this view and your points about the drums could have been soothed if I mixed the hihats a bit lower (and consequently also mixed Rings a bit lower).

The “flute sound” is actually the 0-coast (same as al melodies in this track) put through the lofi algoritm of the Strymon Timeline. :slight_smile:

A music video that takes you down your parents memory lane:

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Yeah. That creates a great atmosphere. I like that. Video and audio combine very nicely.
Also love the full stops – especially when the first parts ends – and most of the other beatmatching cuts and effects. Only the first cut on beat is a little too predictable. I mean i personally like to avoid the first cut being so noticable or like it wants to be noticed you know?

Because you like me being scrupulous i can elaborate:
I don’t know if it’s just me but for a moment i lost track to the story, the kid and the animal, which can be crucial right on the beginning – i just thought “oh there are two consecutive cuts on beat”. It distracts me from every emotional connection to it and makes it a more technical event. But yeah, the following pictures are immersive enough to compensate it.


(I don’t wanna highjack your thread but because of the many full stops it hardly reminds me of a video i did in '15 – fyi – also hate the first cut there :smiley: )

Thanks! I know what you mean regarding the first cut. I placed it there to give a clear impression that this is a an edited video, even though most of it is unedited.

I didn’t hate the first cut in your video. :kissing: