Familiar Faces on the Rogan Homepage


Happened to be on the Rogan website, saw some familiar things, thought it was kind of cool, figured I would share:


Congratulations to @pichenettes (and I suppose @Papernoise!) for becoming the global standard-bearer(s) for “Electronics”!

This also serves as quite a definitive counter to the unfortunate post I saw a while back (not on this forum) suggesting MI knobs were not genuine. Nothing but the real deal here!


Our perfect appreciation!


Rad! I think that “not genuine” accusation could have come from MI knobs not being Rogan standard colors. MI does big enough volume to get custom colors injected!


Or at least used to! I’m personally still hoping for bringing back colored knobs on future modules, though I certainly understand the reasons not to. Plus the uniformity of all white knobs has a nice aesthetic in its own right!

And you’re right, volume seems big enough to allow it! I imagine this is especially true for recent modules (vs. Edges for example).

Also stumbled on this cool/kitschy video featuring a glimpse of the machines that make some of our beloved knobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOGX0MAsLmY (I promise I’m not a Rogan sales representative :sweat_smile:)