False Beacons

A hungover mooch around my eurorack in the vein of BoC.

Sequenced via BSP and slaved New Pam’s Workout
Modulations by Pam’s and Batumi
Drums from Peaks, Quantum Rainbow 2 and Tides
Bass from Warps through Blinds+Maths into uVCF
Warbles and Pings by Braids into Ripples, Rings and Microbrute
Mixed on a Behringer mixer with Strymon BlueSky and ElCap on the busses.

T-shirt -, $7 from Walmart, PA
hat - model’s own


Love the track! Beautiful velvety atmosphere!

On a sidenote: it’s funny to see that you also have those really crappy Edirol monitors. Have them myself as well. Worst sounding monitors ever! :smiley:


I’ve had those edirol’s for probably 15 years or more and they’ve always treated me just fine for what I need them for.

I tend to monitor through those and will often master on a combination of semi decent headphones and utterly crappy speakers and somewhere in the middle a balance lies.

Beautyful, this sounds absolutely creamy.
And btw. the very best monitors won’t bring you any further, if they do not suit the room they are standing in…
It you are got used to these Edirols, all is fine. The outcome is proof enough.

Greetz, Kay