Fake and Counterfeit Electronic Component Detection

I have bought some IC´s and other components through evilbay and other smaller distributors because of their cheap shipping costs to me.
In 4 out of 5 cases for IC´s they were fake, even cheap ones for $0.05 a piece, all I can say is: beware!
Not always is the seller the bad guy, but their suppliers, the seller (often) doesn´t know that his product is fake.

If you sometimes order from other places than Mouser, Digikey, Reichelt and Farnell, I recommend to have a good read about how to identify counterfeit/fake IC here
Counterfeit Electronic Component Detection

What sort of chips were you buying though?

Some very rare parts are most likely to be fakes, but there’s one seller (also on ebay) who seems to have all manner of obscure parts and I’ve bought from a lot.


It was pretty common stuff, like 4055, 4011, PIC´s, Atmel´s.
I would tell anyone to not to buy from anywhere but Mouser and Digikey.
Rare IC´s I only buy from sellers/users where I know they are 100% legit.
The IC counterfeit scheme brings them 4x times more than what they would “earn” from investing in “white powder”.
The one you listed there is one of the “candidates” :-/

Well they can’t possibly test every part, all manner of people get fooled with fakes.

Sometimes even by rather comical fakes… last year I got IR3109 with laser-etched letters that said “Rolend” :smiley:
I should add that they were sent by a rather professional dealer, but obviously they did not check them before selling. Got the money back without any hassle, though.

That’s what’s important, customer service.

With many NOS parts it’s hard to trace where they came from.