Failed Firmware Update on Braids and now it will not boot up

Hi. I tried several times to update the firmware on my Braids module to 1.5. I tried playing the firmware file from Ableton Live, Windows Media Player and VLC Player using first my Antelope Orion interface, then my computer’s local soundcard and then a cheap Behringer UCA202. Each time I had no luck and simply got the @SYN message on Braids. As suggested in the instructions, I played around with the output volume as well as the position of the FM attenuverter dial on the Braids. On one occasion, the firmware upgrade appeared to start as it counted packets received. But it started partway through the firmware file playback. Now I can only boot up in “firmware” mode by pressing the Encoder while powering on Braids. If I don’t do this on power up then I get blank screen as if it is not powering on. Any ideas? I’m stumped and frustrated. Thanks.

Do you remember which configuration caused it to start accepting packets? Try again with these settings.

In last resort, send it back to me.

I thought I did remember the configuration where it seemed to start to work, but I can’t seem to get it to start accepting packets again. I will go back and methodically go through the different steps I took and see if I can get it working before sending it to you.

Using Windows Media Player at full volume over the Behringer UCA202 I was able to get Braids to accept all the packets. At least it appears to have worked. Braids now powers on and the firmware shows as 1.5. However, the sound output seems to be messed up - distorted, especially in the higher octaves. I will record some sound files and attach them to another comment in this thread.

Check all the settings - in particular check that SIGN and DRFT are set to OFF.

Here is a few short C notes over a couple of octaves.

Edit: Now uploaded to Soundcloud

SIGN and DRFT are set to off. I will check the other settings again. Could the calibration be off? If I turn the Coarse knob to its lowest setting, it starts to sound closer to what it did before. But as soon as I move two octaves up the keyboard it’s a hot mess.

Here is a short clip of VOWL. META is off and the other settings seem OK as far as I can tell. I went through the manual setting by setting.

It looks like there’s some heavy FM! Does the module respond correctly to the V/Oct input?

Have you moved it to a different case (this could be a symptom of a PSU being close to its limits)?

No, I don’t think it’s responding correctly to the V/Oct input. And yes it does sound like some heavy FM - across all the models. It’s in the same case - a Pittsburgh Modular Cell-90. I will try removing a couple other modules to see if that has any effect - in case its PSU related.

Try redoing the V/Oct calibration procedure. It looks like the module is so sensitive to the signal on the V/Oct input that the noise is blown out of proportion.

I removed several modules and Braids is not responding properly. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to try next. Oops. Just saw your reply. I will try the calibration procedure again.

After recalibrating again it’s starting to sound like I remember it. Could the process of upgrading the firmware have knocked the calibration out of whack? It still sounds slightly off. I wonder if I’m not getting the calibration quite right. I will try a few more times. I’m sending MIDI from my virus keyboard for notes C2 and C4 into Yarns and then into Braids. The only audio cable connections are CV and Gate/Trig from Yarns into Braids for calibration. Thanks for your help.

> Could the process of upgrading the firmware have knocked the calibration out of whack?

Absolutely - the calibration data is stored at the end of the firmware data, so it is possible that your failed upgrade attempt has erased it.

> The only audio cable connections are CV and Gate/Trig from Yarns into Braids for calibration.

Sounds correct!