Factory reset on ambika

is there a way to do a factory reset n the ambika? whatever i do now it switches on with all 6 voices set to pt 2 and makes some sweeping filter noise sound. i’ve gone into part 2 an initialised the sound on part 2 but totally stumped. have to manually switch off all 6 voices and start again every time.

From manual

Resetting the unit to factory settings

Most of the data held by Ambika is stored on the SD card, with one exception: the boot configuration, which is stored on the main processor’s non-volatile memory. The boot configuration is the set of settings loaded when the unit is powered on. To restore the default factory boot configuration, keep the S1 key while powering the unit. The unit will freeze for a few seconds to retrieve and write the factory defaults.

thanks adrian, couldn’t find that. sorted!

Hi, I just did the factory reset, but i have no sound coming from the ambika. Do i need to do any configuration so it gets the sound out?