Extreme patches/Pushing MI into new territory

I was always a fan of the MI philosophy, sound and modules. But the whole “generative ambient” scene through me completely off. But now that it looks like the trend is dying away, it’s time to go back to a small MI system and see how far I can push it to new territories. Of course according to my own aesthetics and experience with modular and composition in general.

I’m sharing this 2nd attempt to push things forward.
And I would like to open a discussion for new fresh ideas on how to patch these amazing modules in an unusual/extreme/refreshing way. Do you have any ideas? Please share below! Thnx and I hope you’ll enjoy my attempts to dive deeply into a more experimental sound.


You can get pretty weird, but musically related, sounds using Tides, Plaits or Stages in a ‘phase locked loop’.

Output an oscillator you using into Tides clock input, Stages gate input or Plaits trigger or v/o input (can’t remember which). With Stages and Tides you can transpose as well (via cv-ing clock division).

If your original oscillator is a square wave it will track pretty much perfectly but I like using an oscillator where there is a lot going on because it will introduce all manner of weird glitchyness, especially if the original oscillator is being modulated in some way.

Some more info can be found here:

All in all I’m not entirely sure you’ll find anything that hasn’t been done before (is there anything that has not been done before?), but as always it’s all about whether you like it or not.

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Thank you! That’s a great idea. What I mean with “extreme” is not complicated patches only but more of sending crazy signals in places where they shouldn’t be, sending LFOs to v/oct inputs or audio rate signals into modulation inputs or even inputs that expect gates etc. Feedback patching is also one of my favourite techniques for creating unheard sounds. Finding something that hasn’t been done before is never a goal but creating something unique, something usual, something that fits within a certain patch even though it can sound annoying or completely crazy out of context.

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Look for Monotrail on youtube, if you don’t know him already. I think he’s one of the best patchers I found out there that experiment in surprising ways.

If you haven’t already you should watch omri cohen’s youtube reviews snd tutorial. He certainly teases out alot of creative modular techniques.

Hey guys thank you for your recommendations. I know Monotrail and Omri, they are both great and inspiring. I’m long time in the modular world and I’m constantly looking for more challenges. Not meant as a self-promo (i hate these) but just to see where I’m at: https://thanosfotiadis.bandcamp.com/

So the point of this discussion is to share extreme patching with MI modules. That doesn’t mean complicated but a patch that has a wild and adventurous result, far away from the ambient world that most people would associate MI with. If you have any please share!


And just to give a better idea of what I’m after, here’s my latest exploration with feedback patching Rings/Elements/Plaits. Crazy stuff happening all the time, very unpredictable patch.

I have a patch put together that might be what you’re looking for.

A mess of feedback between Blades, Warps, and Tides that has a little xmod with Blinds. Currently the phases have almost lined up enough to make a musical phrase. (Capturing with a little outboard mixer… But here’s a quick potato capture with a phone: phrase without sequencer? - YouTube . And a much longer, also phone, capture: Mutable Feedback Instrument - YouTube )

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Nice! Thnx for sharing!