Extracting plaits code from STM32 binding

Hi All,
I am trying to develop an open source virtual synth based on plaits.
There is any repository where I can find the code already decoupled from the specific STM32 definitions and bindings ?


The code is already decoupled. Anything specific to the STM32F platform is in drivers, anything specific to a hardware incarnation (UI, calibration, interaction with the codec) is in the root directory. Everything else is cross-platform. Have a look at test/.

Oh yeah, sorry.
Problem was that I was building using plaits.cc, and in my understanding it’s there that ends up using stm stuff, calling the hardware incarnations you mentioned :slight_smile: .
Thanks a lot !

seems to me that such files are needed:


although they are not hardware-specific, still live in the stmlib/ package.
So, at least such files should be still added to the makefile, or I am doing something wrong ?

Thanks again !

Yes you need to add these files to the makefile.