Extra resistors, free to good home

I wound up with 22 extra 470 ohm resistors with my kit, thought you should know. I don’t think it would be practical to send them back to France, but I’d be glad to pop them in an envelope for someone in the US who is sourcing their own parts. The Ambika and Shruthi were a blast to build, sound even better than I expected, and are a joy to play… thanks for the outstanding kits!

I’ll take em. :slight_smile:

Cool, also the programming header, which I’m not using. Send your address to my inbox, or post it here…

this is a nice sentiment but I think the shipping on an envelope could be more than the cost of 22 resistors :slight_smile:

True, but what can I do with them? Might as well get used and not thrown out!

Always a need for resistors in future DIY builds?