Extra patch memory for Shruthi?

I just noticed this auction eBay, and the seller mentions extra memory for the Shruthi. As usual, I’ve missed something, I didn’t even know it was possible to put extra memory in a Shruthi.

If someone else wants to build to sell then Olivier still gets his margin on the kit and doesn’t have to sit down and do less productive assembly work.

I once built a couple of Shruthis to sell. Largely because it was such a pain in the ass to source parts for only 1 Shruthi (with non standard filter) I thought I may as well build extra’s to justify the hassle. I profited very little. Which was fine by me. All it did was make my own build a little cheaper.
And like qp, I enjoy the build too :slight_smile:
I’d consider doing it again. But maybe with MI’s newer products…

Thank you Olivier and QP!

@ bleo: haha, I must watch that movie again now!

@ piscione: none taken. Just wanted I be clear on my intents. I am a solder junking needing a fix and trying to help out those that cannot make one. Thanks for passing the link on. I have one more that I will put up hen this one sells.

Btw, when I was ordering parts, I got a 512eeprom for my shruthi. Just plugs right in. Just remember to do a global backup first do you can put everything back in.

Will the larger EEPROM work on the 4PM as well?

Yes of course!

Please keep in mind I did not post this to attempt to aim anything critical at the seller, I was just curious about the extra memory. I know a few people who would be interested in this great little synth but who would not build one, so I will be sending a link to the auction to those people.

Oh shit! I was gonna call this eBay seller “kinda scummy” but 1) I didn’t realize MI no longer sold assembled units and 2) that it was our esteemed colleague qp, not some “outlander.”

@pichenettes Ah, I didn’t know/had forgotten that. Looking at the MI shop though, I notice all of the pre-assembled units have now gone.


Right after Pichenettes posted that he was no longer going to sell pre assembled units, I decided I was going to build some to sell on eBay. My intent is not to undermine him, nor is it to capitalize on the DIY, open source community. My reasons for deciding to do this:

1. I love the build but cannot afford nor need that many Shruthi’s
2. Give people the ability, stateside, to get a prebuilt who may not want to build one.

Everything that is manufactured for the shruthi, I purchase from the MI store. PCB’s, case & chips. The BIN price is set fairly. After the cost of each unit, 2-3 hours to build it, pay for the “free shiping” and the 9% that eBay takes off the top of the sale, I am not getting much in return other than the enjoyment of the build.

I understand this can be a fine line of right and wrong, but I do not have any intent to “steal” business. If anything, I hope it helps MI get out to more people who would have otherwise not been interested because of the kits. But, please know, I am not trying to mass produce units on boards and cases that I had someone locally manufacturer. If it is asked of me by Pichenettes, I will stop immediately.

I no longer sell assembled Shruthi-1s.

To me it’s not a big deal.

@pichenettes …even if the person who buys this synth on eBay might otherwise have bought a ready-assembled Shruthi-1 from you?


I don’t want be the instigator of another of those arguments about fair use that have raged in the past on the MIDIbox forums, but isn’t it a bit cheeky to be advertising a Shruthi-1 as being (and I quote from the item description) ‘specifically built to go straight to ebay’. It may not technically be a violation of the license agreement, but it seems to me to go against the spirit of the Open-Source DIY nature of the project.


But get a decent 24LC512 like the Microchip branded version. Other brands can be mega slow.

Just replace the Eprom with a 24LC512-quite inexpensive upgrade. You’ll need to back up your patches first.