Extra Button Cap

Anyone have an extra button cap for the Shruthi-1? I’ve misplaced one single button cap. Will gladly pay $2 for one if someone has an extra and would like to pop it in the mail for me, just into an envelope. Would still save me the price of Mouser shipping.

Cheers in advance.

Where is it going, and what colour should it be?

While I’ve been the button fairy™ for some time, post Denmark recently raised their prices by quite a bit…

@MindStasis what colour are you after? I may have one for you.


Hey, i’m located in the USA. Any colour will do. Right now they’re all black. Maybe a red for the save page? Again, doesn’t really matter though. My wife built a shruthi-1 out of a lot of spare bits I had, it was her very first DIY project ever. She finished it and it sounds great! Couldn’t have been a smoother build, but we didn’t realize we were short a cap when we had ordered all the additional parts she needed.

Send me a PM if you need info, i’ll gladly shoot you some dollars.

Postage alone would be 4$ on my end, so if toneburst can do it cheaper, by all means, go ahead :slight_smile:

i’ve got you covered if you’re still in need mind stasis - i’m in california - pm me your address and i’ll drop a couple in the post

@livefreela cheaper and quicker for you to send one, I think. I’m in the UK.


Thanks all! Wifey says “You’re all the best!”