External vs. internal clock as a global setting?

So… using the Shruthi with ext. clock works great. However when making (and saving) some patches, the “ext.” clock setting will also be saved, which can be a bit frustrating when using the Shruthi in standalone mode again: when starting the Jam mode, the sequencer or arpeggiator won’t be played unless the “ext” clock will be changed (actually you might have to stop the jam mode, change the tempo, then start the jam mode again).

Of course it would be possible to save the patches with a fixed tempo instead of “ext.”, but then again it’s the same problem when using an external clock setup (need to change the tempo to “ext” for every patch). I guess from the users point of view the solution would be to have an “internal / external” global clock setting which can be changed for the current session (instead of changing the tempo for every patch), but I can imagine that it’s not a trivial fix from the programmers point of view. Just wondering if that behaviour could be improved or if there are other solutions.

Yep, I would find that most useful too.
On a similar point I also found a small, but annoying issue using ext clock last night which was when using in external clock my external sequencer, in this instance a VacoLoco Gorf, sent the start message my shruthi it wouldn’t start until I had changed the Sequencer mode to either seq lt, seq,rec or impro, which in itself isn’t a big deal but surely the Shruthi would be better staying in its non sequence state (step mode) so that it doesn’t follow the internal programmed pattern at the same time as the externally sent notes?

Did you have any luck on this issue?

Nope… it may be a long-term goal for me, in case I manage to learn C++, and if it’s actually possible to do this change without breaking too much - still not sure if it’s a good idea or complicated like hell.

I’m not sure if I understood your issue right. You may want to try Firmware v1.03-beta (see here) in case you’re not already using it, it introduced many improvements/fixes regarding the ext. clock.