Ext MIDI Parameter control undesired

Hi guys,

I find myself in the following situation. I am rehearsing for a live performance and I really would like to use the Shruthi-1. My intention is to send MIDI notes from a DAW to the synth, but only notes. The problem is when I use my MIDI controllers to control the different things within my DAW I hear the parameters of the Shruthi-1 changing. This leads sometimes to unexpected but very cool results. Neverthelles, I feel not fully in control most of the time.

Is there a way to prevent parameters being altered by external MIDI but notes to be played according to the notes from the external MIDI?

Thanks a lot!

There is probably a setting somewhere in your DAW - but which one is it?

Maybe assigning a different MIDI channel to the Shruthi?

Damn, you are right! Thanks a lot! That solved everything!

@mziu: I am glad that changing the MIDI channel worked for you. :slight_smile:

I am just adding that some MIDI controllers/synths can not have their CC messages turned off. This is the case for the Bass Station II and several other synthesizers, so keep that in mind when/if you select an external controller keyboard sans computer.

My favorite weird knob combination on the BS2 Shruthi setup is that the distortion knob on the BS2 controls the 4PM filter mode. You can get some massive evolving timbers with that. However, this does not work great if you want to program the BS2 and control the Shruthi with it at the same time.

@audiohoarder thanks for sharing this! I am trying as we speak!

I hope you have fun with it. A few parameters actually change the filter mode, but the distortion goes though all of them instead of just a few.

I should also note that my BS2 has the latest firmware installed, you can get that from the Novation website and it includes a MIDI librarian that works over USB. Also, in order to use any old patches you may have saved with the new librarian, you will have to load them back on to your BS2 and then use the “grab” button in the librarian to save them in the new format. The new format adds 32 bytes for storing a 32 character file name per patch. It is pretty straight-forward aside from that.