Ext Clock Tempo Divisions for Arpeggiator

I’ve been looking around the forum and didn’t find an answer for that (sorry if I didn’t look enough)

When the tempo is in sync with an external clock, is there a way to divide/multiply this tempo to use with the Arpeggiator/Sequencer ?
Or would there be a possibility to add this functionality to the Swing knob for example when the Tempo is synced ? I have noticed (correct me if I’m wrong) that the swing knob have no effect when the tempo is external.

The arp is so good in the anushri, I really like it as a live feature with the Arp patterns ! but I’m stuck with only 2 notes per beat.
It would be awesome to have 5 choices on a pot 1 note every two beats, 1 note per beat, 2, 4 and 8. Allowing to multiply/divide By 2 or 4.

Please tell me there is a way to do this :wink:

And still enjoying the anushri a lot, by the way :wink:

Technically feasible, but given Anushri’s limited UI, it wouldn’t be very practical…

I don’t know, but it may be helpful to you. From the manual:

Hold Hold and press the Drums button to change the resolution of Anushri’s clock system.

Available clock resolution settings: 4 / 8 / 24 ppqn (see manual for LEDs)

24 ppqn is the resolution of the MIDI standard and is the recommended setting – unless you are interfacing through the Clock in and Clock out ports with modular systems which have different resolutions.

Thanks cj55 I’m currently using the clock resolution as a workaround but the drums becomes 4x times faster when on 8ppqn (8times at 4) so they become useless…

Pichenettes you sound very definitive in your comment :wink:
My only argument will be that, turning the Swing knob into a clocik divider/multiplier Only When synced to external won’t change anything nor replace any existing function.
-> so no brainer for current user who don’t need the functionnality
-> Totaly cool and Useful new feature with direct access for the others (me and I’m sure a lot of people )

Sounds convincing right ? :smiley:
(crossing fingers and looking at the ceiling waiting for the divine grace !)

Convincing! Added to position 39 of TODO list.

Woohoo !
Thank you so much for this !
This is what I looove about MI, being able to talk directly to the boss haha. <3 <3
Bookmarking this thread right now !

Hello Pichenettes,
I just wanted to check with you if this had raised on the todo list ?
I know from the news that you are very busy with the new modules, but just in case :wink:

thank you !

Position 38.

Got my root canal done. Position 37.


wow that’s great !
Checking back in a year or two then lol

More seriously, please tell me if you won’t have the time to do it, I’d completely understand as I know you have many more other important things to do.
Just so I don’t keep expecting it at some point !

thanks anyway for the coolest diy synths ever, built a shruthi a month ago :slight_smile: !

Things eventually get done. But you have to understand that it takes me quite some time to dive again into the code, bring my development unit back to life, etc, so I usually wait for 4-5 requests to queue (or a very urgent bug report) to work on an old project.

Understood, makes perfect sense. thanks !