Expert Sleepers USAMO

A long time ago on this forum (october 2012) we discussed the problem of syncing audio and MIDI in DAWs, and I (we?) floated the idea of using a VST/AU to pipe internal MIDI messages out of DAW by encoding it as an audio signal and using an audio channel of an audio interface, then demodulate this with a hardware box. I got a proof of concept working (lame AU, QAM decoder running on a STM32F1 board), project was codenamed “tight” but I did not bother continuing because I thought it was a very niche idea and that we would still be hampered by the internal latency of MIDI buffering/decoding, which can be slowwwww on some vintage Z80 synths…

Those who thought it was a good idea will now be able to get something like that from Expert Sleepers (who are exactly the right guys to do this!)

I’m sort of happy because that’s one less thing to get back to in my TODO list!

Even though these products are kinda interesting, they also feel kinda weird since you still have to deal with the internal latency in your MIDI hardware as well as with the latency of getting your audio back into your DAW.

Clearly the answer to solve all midi delays is to make all modern synths with Z80 microcontrollers too. You can bulk buy them for less than .05USD a piece.
If everything is delayed, is anything delayed? :wink:

Or you just use a sequencer that is rock solid in timing because it doesn’t need to send MIDI thru 1000s layers of software and has the ability to shift tracks back and forth in time relative……

So uhm… A computer and a midibox GM5x5x5? Because you can’t possibly be corrupting us with talk of the big C again, can you? :wink:

You might as well use an Atari (if you are geeky), a MPC (if you are into Hardware) or a Mac with AMT Interfaces (if you are lazy)…. anything that doesn’t force MIDI thru USB will be fine.
A GM5x5x5 interface will help you nothing if you have Windows 8.1 with its fabulous quirky USB implementation.

I tend to use a Mac and two stacked Unitor 8…

Windows 7, and I’m sticking with it (until I at some point end up with some form of multitouch enabled screen device I guess… That isn’t an iPad, which I don’t have either…).

I have to say that I find the midi timing of the GM5x5x5 rock solid when used with a DAW that doesn’t shit in a bucket when it hears about midi, and then tries to divine the timing of said midi from the contents of aforementioned bucket…

Unitor MK2 i guess? the MK1 is attached via RS422 and even I don’t have a single piece of Hardware in use that has this capability. But you are older than me :wink:

Just to ReRail: If MI would have done it at least the Case would have been much prettier, not even mentioning the functionality……

Yup MKII, but daisychained with a RS422 cable - quite funny, cause it took me days to find one !

So no one wants an ACME4 then?