Experiences with affordable mics?


Funny thing is that this type of gear is mostly acquired buy people that are - due to their age - barely able to hear anything above 15kHz . . .

I’m only 22 so even with not-so-great recording gear i should be able to hear high frequencies :slight_smile:

Great track and thanks for the references !

+1 for SM58 - great budget all-rounder and indestructible! Make sure it’s a Sure tho’ and not a cheap imitation.

Already got one “cheap imitation”. :slight_smile:


But don’t try to make that argument there…a great reprisal will come in the form of old Englishmen who once looked in the window of Abbey Road in the late 1960s.

Having an SM58 never hurts.

In the 100-200€ price range I can recommend the Rode NT1-A (for studio use only)
or the Shure Beta 58 A (for studio and live)

I wonder if there’s something like the RNC in tandem with a Shure SM58 or a Røde? Yup - FMR has a RNP (Really Nice Preamp). Wonder if it’s any good (rather good enough)?

I found some second hand NT1-As for 110/120€. Seems like a fair price. However I must say that buying such a highly fragile piece of gear from someone else is a bit of a gamble…

195€ new at the big T, complete with pop protector, spider and stand - and 3 years warranty.

Do you have a RNC? Yes? See? Its not from Rupert, but its a bang for the money (i don’t own one myself, ill have to trust a trustworthy friend though)

I took some time out with one at a friend’s place and it was very nice to my ears - but I haven’t let my noodly appendage near LA or other “serious” as in serious money compressors yet. The RNC is good enough for me!

Black Lion Audio just came out with a very reasonably priced Neve clone pre.


*the introductory price was $50 less, but $450 is still “cheap” in this world…