Experiences with affordable mics?

Hi everyone,

I’m considering buying a mic for occasional recording of vocals and accoustic instruments with some Santa money. Maybe spending around 100-200€. Possibly second-hand.
Any recommendations based on personal exeriences ? Cheap mods that provide awesome results ?

I have an old Rode NT-1A that sounds great for vocals and acoustic guitar

I have a AKG C214… It’s the single capsule version of the 414 and very good all round mic. But I have to say to get really good results you will need good mic pre too. I use a a RME ucx that has very good mic pre and converters. … I think your better of looking for a good deal on a second hand one then buying a budget mic. They can sound clean and crisp but also a bit weird and unpleasant.

I used a MXL 550/551 pair for recording my christmas song
provided your soundcard is ok, you’ll be barely cheaper for a pair of acceptable condenser mics.

Shure SM-58, audio technica 2020, neumann tlm 102 :)))

Mmm Neumann…I’m not an expert but it sounds kinda out of my price range !

Definetely :wink:
Even used Neumanns are quite costly…

Im more of a Telefunken fan - mostly because of the nice Lighnings on the logo :wink:

This thread is surprisingly civil for one involving the word “mic” and “pre”.

Well, this is not Gearslutz - that forum has it’s uses and perks, but some inhabitants over there have more opinion than the market usually demands…

I guess we all agree in the fact, that a highend mic and a lowcost preamp won’t match too well…
And i hate getting “religious” when it comes to these points…as long as it works it is ok. Everyone has his own needs.

Thats why i use low end mics and low end preamps :wink:

I use a 500€ interface, so why should i use a 2500€ mic - pretty pointless, in most cases i use a 20 year old Shure SM57 and it is sufficient…for my vocoder :wink:

Cheap Mackie mixers have pretty good mic pre-amps IMHO

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The Monoprice condenser mic is supposed to be really good. I’ve haven’t used one (yet), but it got a great review in Tape Op.

I agree with shiftr though, find a good one used. I picked up a Sure KSM27 on the bay for $150. I used it on a vocal sesh and it sounded great. Also, the Cascade Fathead ribbon mic is great for acoustic. I like to pair it with the ksm27. Used it on this song. It comes it around 6:45 (epic long postrock!)

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