Expander to control Ears envelope?

If I remember correctly, the envelope behaviour of Ears, which is set by jumpers on the back of the module can in theory also be dialed in with an Expander/Knob. But did someone actually built such an expander module?

If you know of one, please share a link.


you can make it with switches,something like poti for batumi,i suppose.

Thanks for your reply. I think it can be controlled seemles even. But Iā€™m not 100% sure. Have to google it. But something like a Poti expander still would be usefull I guess.

Ladik do a generic 4x switches module.

You could make your own panel at Front Panel Express/Schaeffer and buy some panel-mount switches, but I imagine it would end up being considerably more expensive than the above.


I did one, you only need 3 on/off/on switches and a blank panel. I used du pont female plus to go on the jumpers on the module and I fixed the other end to small spade terminals so no soldering needed, works a treat!