Excel BOMs

I’ve started to put together an Excel spreadsheet of the various BOMs.
So far I’ve done

Digital/Control board
Dual SVF
Digital FX

The file containing all four BOMs on separate sheets can be downloaded from here



several mistakes in that file. I’m updating it now to include BOMs for all the Mutable Instruments boards.


Right, updated. Hopefully this may be of use to someone. I’m going to find it useful for ticking off components I already have. I’ll lay the BOM printouts out on the table, then I can see how many of each component I need for the boards I’m making up (Control/SVF/Digital FX/Sidekick).

Link as in first post.


Thanks for the tedious work.

Hédi K.

Oh excellent! Thanks for doing this!

why dont you up these to google docs?

I think the Google Docs BOMs are a fairly recent addition :slight_smile:

Could this be used with any webstore directly? Like sending email with a list of needed parts instead of picking those separately byself?

How about co-operation with Mutable Instruments, could it be possible that some dealer which have all parts could create collection of parts so that buyers could buy those all at once?
It wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. List of components turned to combined order in webstore.

All that is needed is that someone at those major stores creates those collections based to BOM’s here.

Erm, you can use saved carts or projects at Reichelt, Digi-key and Mouser at least. Idk if anybody did it for the Shruthi yet. Also, it should be possible to cut and paste or input a CSV-file/data into their shopping carts.

That said, it would be cool to have a master list with the different filter boards in their own worksheets and you’d just enter the amount of this and that, and have Google docs (or Excel or Numbers or LibreOffice) calculate the grand total for easy cut-n-pasting into those web-shops. I guess I could do it, but I’ve ordered everything I need for all the extant Shruthi filter boards and then some. Just waiting for any possible additions later on, but I’d rather see Olivier make some progress on the new products than nag about some MS-20 VCF or that pole mixing thing we might see later on :smiley:

Mouser has an option to publish a BOM with a “add to cart” button. I don’t see much beyond that. Mouser, Farnell & co aren’t really interested in doing anything for small individual customers. Heck, I buy 20k€ of parts / year at those and to them I’m a small customer…

the problem with the saved shopping carts (at least i observed it at mouser) is that they can be outdated pretty fast.
when i checked for 9090 parts from the docs in 2010 i had to go through most of the list and chose a substitute, from a list of suggestions (ie catalog search). maybe that was just because of the RoHs change, don’t know.
Reichelt also have things not available sometimes, but usually will have it back shortly, that should work, generally. maybe some price differences there sometimes, but easy to do at Reichelt.

Both Digikey and Mouser have the spreadsheet upload feature. From there, you can set up a project and in Mouser’s case, you can even share the projects publicly like I did here .

NICE! And that you have shared polivoks also. :slight_smile:

Exactly what i was after. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: