Exact part for the MIDIPal LCD display?

I’m taking apart my MIDIPal for a super top secret project that I’m working on. Since part of the project requires me mounting the MIDIPal LCD to the top of a different case, I’ll need to remove the current display and make a cable to connect the new display with. I’ve been looking around for the exact 1x8 blue backlit Newhaven LCD that the MIDIPal comes with but I’ve only been able to find a green/yellow version on Digikey. Does anyone have a resource or distributor or alternative part (or perhaps a spare LCD I can buy) for this display?

Here is the almost exact Digikey part I’ve found: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?KeyWords=NHD-0108BZ-FSY-YBW-33V3&WT.z_header=search_go

It must have a 44780 compatible controller. The rest is completely up to your taste for size, colour, etc.

EDIT: Your link isn’t working for me.

Updated the link, hope that one works.

I’d like to keep the MIDIPal as stock as possible, plus the blue backlight matches the other device I’m pairing the MIDIPal with. I don’t think there would be any advantages to getting a display larger than 1x8 (the menu system and everything is formatted for 8 characters).

Bump. Sparing an exact part, can someone recommend another 1x8 HD44780 display? I guess I’ll end up with the yellow/black Newhaven but it would really be perfect if I could get it in a matching blue backlit variety. Even a 1x10 would be ok, a 1x16 would be too much wasted space though

The newhaven is as close as you’ll get. You may find other options on the bay but be sure it’s 3.3v.