EVS1 is under consideration for inclusion in the iPad Patch Base editor


Cool. Having said that, it looks like almost every MIDI-equipped synth and module ever made is on the list. I imagine the EVS-1 is quite far down the list (especially as it would be relatively difficult to do, I imagine).



Well, it has my vote, now. It looks like it’s going to be a while before they get around to making editors for any of my synths, judging by their scores.



Sorry to revive an old topic but can any EVS-1 owners on here confirm the rating for the power supply?

Looking for a replacement for mine, seems like it should be a 9VAC @ 7VA (0.77amps) with a 2.5mm barrel but I’m not totally sure…


Also, if anyone (@bigsecret maybe) knows the Sysex commands for the front panel switching options I’d be grateful. I’ve been trying to send an all voices dump request to the unit but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Looking at the MIDI Implementation Manual it seems like it should be:

F0h 00h 20h 08h 01h 20h (?) 01h F7h

That second 20h is throwing me - should be Command Type 2 and the system channel (in my case Channel 1) but am unsure how to write that.

Thanks for any help.


Unfortunately my PSU is really scratched up so all the text has gone. It’s just a 230v to 9v step down transformer in a box.

If you have an Ambika then it’ll be the same sort of PSU. Not sure about the connector, i think Ambika uses 2.1mm?


As for your MIDI query. You’re probably best using an Atari ST emulator, run the editor software and then use a MIDI monitor on the PC to capture the MIDI traffic.


Thanks, I’ve ordered an Alesis AC9-08B power supply that’s the same spec as the original (9VAC @ 7VA). Still not sure what the plug size is but it apparently fits the EVS-1.


I also have an EVS1, and do still use it from time to time, although I don’t do much with MIDI nowadays. Also have a Yamaha TX81z, Emu Proteus 1 & Proteus 3 (which see more use) and an Akai S950 . . .


TX81Z and a TQ5 here, plus the EVS-1 in need of fixing up. Also a PreenFM2 which is great for 6op stuff.

Also have a Casio VZ-8M which I like a lot but find horrible to program. Got editors for the others but nothing for the VZ so have to go via the front panel.


I had a VZ8M once. I couldn’t get away with it - I was really after a VZ10M, which had a decent size screen, so was very programmable. Still got my CZ1000, though, after going through three CZ101s


I’ve got both the VZ10M and the VZ1 (the keyboard version). Probably will sell VZ1 soon, it needs a new volume slider though since the slide pot is plastic and has snapped. It has two mod wheels like Ion and SY77/SY99/EX5.


There was some discussion on the EVS-1 Yahoo group a couple of years ago about coming up with a way of adding new waveforms to the EPROM and generally hacking the device. Unfortunately it sees to be a dead thread now.


Anyone understand how to do this?


No, sorry. I remember that, many years ago when I first got it, it had a software editor which only worked if you had it attached to a joystick MIDI port (I was using a Steinberg MIDEX for the rest of my kit at the time), and which only ran under DOS I think.


The Windows editor here runs OK for me on a Mac using WINE:


But yes, would be interesed to know if anyone has any insights into hacking / changing the EPROM to take user generated waveforms.


Well the first thing you need to know is the CPU family. Then be able disassemble and reassemble the ROM. If you’re lucky there’s a separate ROM just for waves, which you would need to identify the format of (8/16 bit, byte ordering etc). I see two ROMs on the board, but couldn’t identify the CPU looking at the photos inside the unit.


As I understand it, there are two ROM’s, one for waves and one for samples. I have the .bin files for both.

The CPU is a Crystal CS8905.

I know next to nothing about the inner workings of all this but it seems (from what I’ve read) that it’s fairly straightforward to add user generated waveforms to the relevant ROM if you know what you’re doing.

CRYSD001-5-45.pdf (559.3 KB)


The structure of the ROM’s is (quoted from the Yahoo forum):

“The ROM for the 32 waveforms section can easily be hacked with new PCM waves. The rest is harder as you need to use the same ROM space for samples as it is set now, so you would need to trim the selection and add exactly the same size sample. The waveforms are set as 256samples and its easy to work out for the 32 waves and to trim the original and insert the new ones in the same location”

“There is not enough memory for PCM samples, there is a drum map which you have to follow so what size samples there is is what has to be replaced. There are single cycle wavetables you need to replace with exact size, I used wavetables from analog synth”

So I’m after a newbie walkthrough of how that’s achieved, basically.

ROM .bins are here if they help?


I’ll fish out what I have - I got kind of side tracked with lots of other projects and a couple of grand-kids since I last looked at the EVS-1