Everything lit up on digital board!


the unit was perfectly working, so I decided to fix it :wink:
ok I soldered the 6 pins thing to program via an ISP, I successfully downloaded v0.92, everything was ok, until I wrapped it up, moved to my home, an now, everything is lit up (all leds and first row of LCD) when I power the digital board.

It may be a short I guess, but how to track a short on the digital board ?
If I power it to track the short, wouldn’t it damage it ?



Is avrdude unhappy when you try to upload firmware to the digital board? It could be that the ATMega was not properly inserted in the socket? Shorts don’t cause LEDs to light up.

I retried avrdude (had some trouble getting the green light on my usbtiny as usual), did “make -f bootloader/makefile && make upload_all”, and… it works ! thanks !

is there a procedure to follow at the end of firmware upload ?

normally it should boot automatically and then show the new firmware on the display.

yes that’s what happened the first time, I thought everything was ok then…